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Of course she's lying. She's a psychological warfare operative. It's her job to advance the Revolution. They like to use as much truth as possible in their deception, but they will lie if they have to.

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Thanks Maryanne. Another wonderful piece.

I guess once you bind yourself to a lie, especially a lie that brings self advantage, your moral code no longer exists and everything that comes out of your mouth beyond that point will be a lie in defence of the original lie. It is a catastrophic destruction of a person's moral fibre. This woman needs to go and scrub public toilets for a while and regain some humility.

You quote Jay Bhattacharya.. “Unfortunately, people used that information to discriminate against unvaccinated individuals and would certainly have been used as fuel for very destructive policies like vaccine mandates,”

If Dr Walensky were to allow herself, for just a single moment, to feel what mandates did to individuals and families, and what exclusion and derision of the unvaccinated did to good people, she would fall to her knees and weep, and perhaps never show her face in public ever again. I am fascinated to know what it is that fortifies an ego to this level. Surely it cannot just be money.

Perhaps she is a beacon for us all, to take note of what an out-of-control ego looks like, and how the knowing utterance of a self-serving, bald faced lie, can destroy your personal reputation forever.

I feel sad for her parents.

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